Goliad Review is a biannual literary journal publishing the best in contemporary fiction, poetry, and essays from America and abroad. Goliad Review’s platform is distinct because it does not rely on a university or any other public institution for funding, therefore, its editors are free to publish work of only the highest artistic merit without fear of retaliation from the status quo. 

Goliad Review offers yearly subscriptions to its biannual review. A yearly subscription to the Goliad Review is available for $15. A one time purchase of Goliad Review’s most recent publication is available for $10. 

Goliad Press is founded on the same principles as our journal, and offers only the finest contemporary literature. Goliad Press, because it does not rely on public or institutional funding, has the freedom to solicit work of exceptional artistic merit and publish it.

 Please review our current press catalog below for prices on new and older publications by the Goliad Press.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.